Submission Guidelines

The KASTA Newsletter is interested in the following types of submissions:

  • Pedagogical, curricular, and other educational perspectives;
  • Articles that highlight a program’s noteworthy experiences;
  • Psychological perspectives pertaining to music and human behavior;
  • Historical accounts of Kansas music programs or related material;
  • Your students’ creative or music-educational writings;
  • Research abstracts or reports that suggest direct application to instructional environments;
  • Reviews (e.g., books, music, research); and
  • Rebuttals and letters that promote healthy and progressive discussion.

Submit all materials and query letters to the editor at

Submissions to the KASTA Newsletter should be of interest to string musicians and educators or members of the community with a stake in string education. Our audience consists of K-12 school string and orchestra educators, non-collegiate and collegiate studio teachers, music education professors, students, conductors, performers, and other interested parties.

Article Content: 
Materials should be well written containing information that is precise, accurate and thoroughly documented. The topic should be well defined, supported, and developed with a clear purpose. Authors should provide evidence to support their views. The following should also be taken into consideration.

  • Topic may have local, state, regional, or national relevance
  • Article may offer new knowledge or insight, or disseminate older information in an organized, thought-provoking manner.
  • Articles may not promote products or commercial programs. An author may mention his/her studio, school or ensemble only in the context of one example among many. Mentioning programs or products should be solely for the sake of example to highlight a point in the article.
  • Given copyright restrictions, please do not submit works that have been previously published in other newsletters or journals without written permission from the entity in possession of the copyright.

Length & Format: 
Article submissions may be 250 to 3,000 words maximum. Three thousand words are equivalent to 6 – 9 typed, double-spaced pages. Musical examples, sidebars, references, tables may constitute the equivalent of one or two pages in addition to the text. Articles should be in either APA or Chicago format.