The K-ASTA Newsletter is a tri-annual publication of the Kansas Chapter of the American String Teachers Association. Our mission is to promote communication and a sense of community between collegiate, pre-service, and professional string educators throughout the state of Kansas by disseminating critical thought and opinion through discussion of string-specific topics. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Articles examining pedagogical, curricular, and other educational perspectives;
  • Articles that highlight a program’s noteworthy experiences;
  • Articles examining psychological perspectives pertaining to music and human behavior;
  • Historical accounts of Kansas music programs or related material;
  • Students’ creative or music-educational writings;
  • Research abstracts or reports that suggest direct application to instructional environments;
  • Reviews (e.g., books, music, research); and
  • Rebuttals and letters that promote healthy and progressive discussion.

We believe that sharing knowledge and skills is one of the primary means of advancing string education. Such advancements, we hope, will continue to enhance educational experiences for all Kansan music students and teachers, past, present, and future.