Young Teacher of the Year

The Young Teacher of the Year Award can be given yearly to an outstanding new member of the string teaching profession in recognition of meritorious service and outstanding promise in string and orchestra education. The winner of the award must be a current member of KASTA and must be actively teaching at the time of the award. The teacher must have completed from 1 to 7 years of string teaching and must demonstrate exceptional dedication to teaching and involvement in professional activities.

SCROLL DOWN to nominate!  Nominations must be received by December 31 each year to be eligible for the following year.  Nominations are open all year.  Nominations received after December 31 will be held for the following year.

2021 – Tyler Harvey
2020 – Haley Rotenberger
2016 – Mariah Barnett
2015 – Erica Brooks
2014 – Catherine Tummons
2013 – Chris Lovell
2012 – Cody Toll
2011 – Rebecca Tast
2010 – Lindsay Ladman
2009 – Shelly Duell